Blanket of Hope

In times of confusion and difficulty, they look for moments of hope. As Syria is engulfed by instability, it is the children that feel a certain type of pain. Help us bring moments of hope, memories of love and joy to the children of Syria.

Help 4Syria - Blanket of HopeAt least two million Syrians are living in makeshift camps, trying to survive the harsh elements in their homeland, which has lost the warmth and security of a home.

Men, Women, Old and Young almost forgotten .. between the tragedies .. the hard winter hogs their bodies, and the freezing cold attacks their bones without care in the world, while their eyes can only hold on to the sky in the dark nights.


Please help us secure some simple, basic warmth for them to face this horrendous humanitarian catastrophe.

For £10 only you can provide a child with a warm blanket to fight the cold and give them a glimmer of hope that there is someone thinking of them in this cruel world.

For £130 will support a whole family for about one month!

Let’s get together and help warm thousands of displaced Syrians families in their struggle for survival.

Let’s get together to make their prayers come true.

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