How you can help

Our organization “HELP 4SYRIA” is set to accept donations directly or indirectly through funds generated from managed projects but not limited to the following:

Available Supporting Activities for ProjectsAndThe Mechanism for Implementation

Types of Support Available:

A – Direct Cash Support

  1. Provide assistance directly to the refugees coming from all troubled and unsafe areas. The goal is to pay their rent after verifying the needs of each family as much as possible
  2. Sponsor payment for medical needs in some situations that are not covered by public assistance normally, such as chronic disease that would require constant treatments.
  3. Sponsor administrative cost imposed on refugees’ in some hosting countries.
  4. Pay transportation cost for refugees’ willing to return to Syria.
  5. Sponsor the treatments and necessary surgery of some injuries and cases where body parts were lost.

B – Direct Kind Support

  1. Provide tents of good quality for refugees’ camps when needed.
  2. Provide winter clothes for men, women and children as the cold weather is approaching.
  3. Provide school supplies for children during the academic school year.
  4. Provide medications especially the ambulatory kind and the expensive medication for children, and elderly such as medicine for asthma, heart disease, diabetes, and joints problems of older persons.
  5. Provide blankets, mattresses, pillows and all indoor essentials for the cold weather is approaching..

C – Project Support

  1. Support the formation of temporary schools in the refugees’ camps for one academic year.
  2. Support and fund the formation of medical units for refugees inside Syria.
  3. Prepare engineering drawing and feasibility studies for the disastrous areas that are partially or fully destroyed.
  4. Support site project survey and build creditable database for all refugees and displaced people inside and outside Syria by providing all the necessary technical required needed.

D – Personal Support

    Working on the following..

  1. Encourage medical staff such as doctors and nurses, Anastasia technicians to volunteers to work in refugees’ camps temporarily when is possible.
  2. Utilize legal and medical experts to document the physical and psychological violation especially among children and women… All documentation shall be in accordance with the legal system, and trying to press all charges inside and outside Syria when possible.
  3. Utilize volunteers with educational skills to set teaching programs suitable for all students’ teach and train refugees on using the programs in their resident areas whenever they are presented.
  4. Seek the assistance form experts of internet especially in the non- Arabic languages to enrich and develop web site for the organization.

E – Organizations Support

    Our organization is ready to work with all those who wish to provide any type of contributions for the refugees inside and outside Syria by:

  1. Providing creditable information about the real needs of the refugees through our members and the  Aid &  Relief committees on the ground.
  2. Provide & facilitate all logistics to insure the delivery of all refugees needs wherever they are.
  3. Our organization always transparent with its dealings, and happy to cooperate and work with any suggested mechanism to control and manage donation provided.
  4. Any future refugee’s project provided by anyone can be mutually managed in accordance to a Strategic Partnership agreement between our organization and the providing party.
  5. Our organization is committed to provide all required financial statements in accordance with all accounting principles with full transparency.

If you wish to send a donation, please click here to find out about the various ways