Aims and objectives

HELP 4SYRIA – Aims and objectives

Our Aim

To support, empower, and invest in the Syrian people to develop a free, democratic, and prosperous Syria.
Our organization is a charitable organization comprised of Syrians and their supporters that aims to strengthen Syrian civil society through short term relief, assistance, and long term capacity building projects.
Our people are part of a global community, working collectively from cities all across the world to make a real impact together.


Our Objectives:

» To assist in providing basic humanitarian aid to those who are displaced or in need of help in Syria.

» To provide moral support to all Syrians impacted by the current conflict.

» To promote peace, harmony and cohesiveness among the various Syrian factions in Syria.

» To provide relief internally for all Syrians affected by the current situation by having the funds needed for medicine, food, and shelter.

» To advance human rights and civil liberties through promoting and spreading secular and democratic values.

» To work with human rights organizations in ensuring that human rights are preserved during this conflict.

» To ensure everyone’s right of education by working tirelessly to help everyone—regardless of gender, ethnicity or circumstances—has access to a quality education.

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